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Pesso Active Undertøy Set

  • PESSO thermo-active underwear is specifically designed for active life, training and work. The products have been designed to provide comfort, superior wicking ability and warmth in the most demanding conditions. The fabric is quick drying, soft to the touch and efficiently moves perspiration away from the skin;
  • All physical effort is accompanied by increased sweating. This is why the main objective of thermo-active underwear should be quick liquid disposal, which in turn provides optimal body temperature;
  • Thermo-active underwear should fit the body, enable unconstrained movements, and effectively dispose sweat to the next layer. If the underwear is loose, the moistness is not quickly taken outside and stays on the skin;
  • The PESSO technical underwear does not absorb sweat, providing proper thermo-regulation and microclimate near the skin regardless of the intensity off the effort.

Material: 100% polyester

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