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Pesso Vernesko Brighton S1P

Extra light and comfortable safety shoes with mesh lining. Seamless technologies. Steel pierce resistance midsole. Steel safety toe cap.

  • Upper: Seamless unidirectional woven uppers. Textile upper improves breathability;
  • Lining: Antibacterial three layers of air tunnel textile lining for utmost breathability. Special micro-cells have great absorbance and deabsorbance features;
  • Foot-Bed: Hard-wearing, antibacterial lining anatomic insole made from soft polyurethane ensures a good breathability;
  • Safety toe cap: Steel safety toe cap;
  • Pierce-resistance: Kevlar, anti-hit, anti-stab insertion for light and comfortable work. Pierce-resistant "no -metal" mid-sole, in comparison to the classical steel mid-sole is lighter, more flexible and safe since it can be directly stitched to the upper, therefore protecting the entire sole area;
  • Sole: Soft P.U. comfort inner layer;
  • Outer sole: Anti-slip, anti-static and hard wearing P.U. Resistance to grease.
    Thick and durable out-sole provides isolation from the cold ground.
    Lightweight, flexible & resistant to deformation.

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